Wenwei Zhang, 张文蔚

Wenwei Zhang is a Researcher at Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. He obtained his Ph.D. degree at MMLab, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, supervised by Professor Chen Change (Cavan) Loy. Before that, he received his bachelor degree at the Computer Science School, Wuhan University. You can find his CV here.

He has been leading the fine-tuning team of InternLM since 2023, working on AI Agents and self-improvement (scalable oversight) of Large Language Models. His past works mainly explore versatile neural architectures across modalities and perception tasks and open-vocabulary perception. He built and released MMDetection3D, and has been leading the development of MMDetection and MMDetection3D since 2020, respectively, as a core member of OpenMMLab since 2019.

We have opening positions for PhD/postdoc/intern and full-time researchers. If you are interested please send me an email.

Recent News

InternLM2.5-Chat, state-of-the-art open-source LLMs in opencompass and AlpacaEval2, have been released. See InternLM2.5 Model Zoo. (July 2024)

5 papers (T-Eval, ANAH, Agent-FLAN, MathBench, Code Need Comments) accepted by ACL2024 (2 main paper, 3 findings). (May, 2024)

1 paper (Say-I-Don’t-Know) accepted by ICML2024. (May, 2024)

2 papers (EmbodiedScan and OMG-Seg) are accepted by CVPR2024. (Feb. 2024)

InternLM2-Chat, state-of-the-art open-source LLMs in opencompass and AlpacaEval2, have been released. See InternLM2 Model Zoo. (Jan. 2024)

2 papers (CLIPSelf and UniHSI) are accepted as spotlights by ICLR2024. (Jan. 2024)

2 papers (Robo3D and Tube-Link) are accepted by ICCV2023. (July. 2023)

3 papers (BARON, MV-JAR, and DDQ) are accepted by CVPR2023. (Mar. 2023)

We release OpenMMLab 2.0 with a new core, MMEngine. (Sept. 2022)

Video K-Net is accepted by CVPR 2022 (oral). (May., 2022)

K-Net is accepted by NeurIPS 2021. Code has been released at here. (Oct., 2021)

MMDet3D team obtains Best PKL Award and best vision-only results in the 3rd nuScenes detection challenge of 5th AI Driving Olympics, NeurIPS 2020. Paper of our multi-modality method is released in arxiv. (Dec., 2020)

Second runner up in LVIS2020 Challenge. Paper can be found in arxiv.

We release MMDetection3D, OpenMMLab’s next-generation platform for general 3D object detection. (July, 2020)

Win the 1st prize in COCO 2019 Object Detection Challenge (no external data). (Team: MMDet)

Academic Service

Conference Reviewer: CVPR2020-2024, ICCV2021-2023, ECCV2020-2024, ICLR2022-2024, NeurIPS2021-2024, ICML2023-2024, ACM MM2020.

Committee member and speaker of OpenMMLab Tutorials in CVPR 2021/2022/2023, and AAAI2023